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Popcorn Films

Popcorn Films is a rag-tag bunch of likeminded individuals who got together to make quality independent entertainment. While things haven't gone quite according to plan, and the odyssey is taking a little longer than we originally expected, we're still making our way towards making our own feature films. Never give up, never surrender!

Popcorn Films was created to make the movies we like to see. Movies that inspire. Movies that people enjoy. Movies which leave you talking about them in a bar or in the car on the way home. Movies that leave you screaming for more.

So come, join us on this journey. Let's see where it takes us.


The Kernel

Simon Cooke

Director and Screenwriter

Simon got started in writing before college at the tender age of 17 with Your Sinclair (a UK news-stand computer magazine), where he wrote reviews, fiction and a technical agony-aunt column. From there, for the next five years he paid his way through college working as a freelance journalist. Several cover-stories later for various magazines, and he decided to switch careers to software (which he'd been involved with professionally before on a part-time basis). After working his way through a start-up in England, to a small firm in Washington D.C., he ended up at Microsoft, and then Sierra Online (now Sierra Entertainment) where he met Steve. Working quickly up the ranks, he managed development teams on a number of products, and when the dot-bomb set in, moved to a small start-up company in Seattle called Intelligent Ion. Today he works for the games company Surreal Software as lead engineer on their tools team, where he enjoys a combination of long hours, odd people, and high-voltage creative energy (others might call this energy "sarcasm", but he calls it creative energy).

Simon's ability to juggle technical fine detail, mixed with his artistic ability makes him a good choice for Director. Add in the fact that most of his friends are in some way involved in the theatrical arts, and you can understand why he set up Popcorn Films with Steve.

Simon has written several short stories, treatments, outlines, and a number of short scripts - including his most recent, UNSEALED, which is step one in his grand plan to create and film three feature films over the next six years.

If you're really interested, you can read Simon's blog over at www.accidentalscientist.com.

Steven J. Freeman

Director of Photography and Editor

Steven got his start in college, at the University of Washington, making low-budget films using VHS cameras. Since then, he has moved on to a variety of digital formats, and he has specialized in shooting independent short films, and documentaries. He has had a half-dozen films shown on Public Access stations, and is currently working on festival submissions. Steven has worked full-time for the last several years as a Producer for software companies, leveraging his skills to wrangle high quality software and media on limited budgets.

Joseph DeLorenzo

Actor, Director and Screenwriter

Joseph's headshot, biography and experience can be found on a separate page - please go there and take a look. But since you're here... know that he has experience in front of film cameras, is an accomplished actor, and was one of the partners and directors of the Grex Theatre Company in Seattle for five years.

He is available to hire for film and theatre projects, and is currently looking for representation.


The Irregulars

Drew Batchelor

Composer and Musician

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